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Stop Business
With Russia

We call on all responsible businesses to stop
supporting Putin’s criminal war regime in Russia.

A Movement To Help
Put Pressure on Russia

Russia has committed gross violations of international law and war crimes by invading Ukraine.  Any tax revenue you create for the Russian state is funding the war.  Tanks.  Bullets.  Planes.  In today’s world, no responsible business can continue to operate in Russia.  We are on a mission to support international businesses exiting Russia and promote public awareness of the ones that still have not done so.

SBWR is a project of the registered charitable foundation Destiny.UA (“Ukrainska Dolya”), Ukrainian company registration #44801432.

How You Can Play
Your Part In This Movement

Stop production in

Stop investing in Russia and
into Russian securities

Stop using Russia in your
supply chains

List of companies who are yet to drop business in Russia

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the cause by donating?

All proceeds will be used for increasing global awareness of the need to #StopBusinessWithRussia.  Even a $5-10 donation will help us create hundreds of ad impressions to relevant business decision-makers.


Legrand, one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of electrical products in Russia

Legrand, a French-based global manufacturer of electrical components and digital infrastructure products is "Digging In" according to the Yale list. The company failed to make any statements in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Legrand continued to invest in Russia after the 2014 illegal annexation of Crimea and said it was planning to open a new plant in 2022. Legrand appeared on the list of Western suppliers of Almaz Antey, a manufacturer of Buk missiles, one of which was used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. We call on Legrand as a socially responsible business committed to ESG to do the right thing and exit Russia, a country which started an aggressive war against Ukraine, is openly hostile to the West and commits human rights abuses in Ukraine and Russia itself.

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