Stop Business With Russia

Stop Business With Russia

Stop Business With Russia

Stop Business With Russia

We call on all responsible businesses to stop supporting Putin’s criminal war regime in Russia.
You might not realize it, but any tax revenue you create for the Russian state is funding the war. Tanks. Bullets. Planes.
Russia has brutally invaded Ukraine and is killing innocent civilians.
Just like after WWII, anyone doing business with Russia will be forever marked as a collaborator.
• Stop production in Russia;
• Stop investing in Russia and into Russian securities;
• Stop using Russia in your supply chains;
• Stop flights to Russia;
• Stop providing advice to Russian companies.
Be on the right side of history!
Stop business with Russia NOW!!!


731 days since invasion

148 companies exited Russia


War makes everything disappear.
Trust, partnership, connections. Lives.
War makes everything disappear. Business as well.
That business which creates jobs, salaries, and the opportunity to live those lives.
Business decided to leave Russia because it destroys the things that business stands for:
wellness, prosperity, development,
lives and peace.
Here is the list of the businesses that left Russia.
It is growing by the hour.

MIT has ceased its Skoltech program in Russian Skolkovo
Nokian Tyres moves some production and stock out of Russia

Intel and AMD stop industrial chip sales to Russia
SIA suspends flights between Singapore and Moscow with immediate effect
BP quits Russia in up to $25 billion hit after Ukraine invasion
Russian vodkas and other products are banned from Pennsylvania’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores
Norwegian energy firm Equinor to exit Russia amid invasion of Ukraine
Manchester United CANCEL their £40m sponsorship deal with Russian state-owned airline Aeroflot

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